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It’s always a small things in life that inspires joy, love & happiness and it took me years to understand that painting, creating magical quirky playful art and craft designs give meaning to my soul!!

Art & Craft are a way of life and living to me rather than a career.

For me, it’s a way of expressing my feelings, my feminine charm, and it’s my passion towards art & craft that brings zeal & excitement into my life.

Since my childhood, I had so much of excitement when it comes to arts and crafts but never understood that it is the love of paint which is giving the colourful touch to my Art and craft creation and thus giving me happiness & joy in my life

As an engineering student, I had fewer opportunities to unleash my imagination, yet, I spent time for this and did paper craft, wall art and other art work. A switch to this path has given me a chance to pursue my passion.

My love for art and the desire to earn while doing what I love traced my crafter’s journey. It was while I was working in an MNC when I   painted my first professional wall art for which I got paid from a colleague. Soon it became my favourite pastime to merge art into everything I own from tees, shoes, bags, mugs, jars to even my walls.

I then realised that I was happier doing this than working in front of a system. Thus, I quit my job and decided to start PRIKA

Furthermore, there is no fixed style to my work. I work to create anything from minimal hues to extremely funky and colourful designs with the only aim of giving my client something that speaks about them and makes them happy.

“I believe in going with my first instincts while painting or creating craft work, but my style mostly revolves around doodling and my love for certain mysterious creatures that comes up in all almost all my work.”

My passion is sharing crafts and I am constantly looking out for inspirations from the latest trends and fashion, that would, in turn, become a source of inspiration for my work.

Priyanka Singh

Founder & Crafter